Synergix Solutions provides flexible support services to meet our clients business needs. From regular management systems maintenance support to occasional general support, these services include: –

  • Management systems maintenance programmes
  • Internal audit services: audit programmes, audit planning, conduct audits, re-audits
  • Audit services in preparation for pre-surveillance and re-certification audits
  • Conduct management reviews; quality policy, objectives, achievements
  • Management systems improvement and facilitating
  • Analysing systematic quality problems and proposing practical solutions
  • Maintaining systems documentation
  • Training
  • General support
  • e-Support
  • On-site and off-site support

Whether you need general support and assistance to maintain your management system, auditing or documentation maintenance services or just need occasional professional support and guidance, Synergix Solutions can provide a support solution to meet your requirements.

Contact us to initially discuss your support requirements.