Systems Maintenance

Outsourcing your ISO 9001 Quality Management System maintenance could provide a significant cost saving solution for small to medium sized organisations with limited resources.

Synergix Solutions provides professional, flexible and customised maintenance solutions, whether to meet your short term or planned maintenance service needs.

Short Term Maintenance Support Service

If you have an approaching ISO 9001 accreditation body surveillance or re-certification audit and need help with internal audits, document updates, system reviews and the implementation of corrective actions then contact Synergix Solutions.

We will assess your needs and provide you with our recommended actions with a forecast cost to do the work. You decide on the level of work to be undertaken by Synergix Solutions and how much will be completed in-house in preparation for the audit. In addition, if you require, we will attend and support you during surveillance or re-certification audits.

Planned Maintenance Support Service

The service is designed to meet your ISO 9001 Quality Management System ongoing planned maintenance requirements in support of your management team. We will discuss and agree your maintenance support requirements with you and propose a maintenance service package that best serves your needs.

An external quality professional will provide the services needed to maintain your Quality Management System generally in accordance with an agreed Maintenance Service Programme.  Planned maintenance can include both on-site visits and off-site support services.

The extend of external support required to maintain the system is dependent on the level of maintenance services you intend to outsource compared with the use of in-house resources. As a guide, planned maintenance services typically require the equivalent of 1 – 3 days each month in order to meet your business needs, the actual level of services to be undertaken by Synergix Solutions is determined by you.

This service is particularly valuable for organisations with a certificated ISO 9001 quality management system or a similar quality standard.


To date we have a 100% success rate in assisting short term maintenance and planned maintenance clients with ISO 9001 certification renewals.

It is appreciated that organisations are looking for flexible service arrangements from a commercially minded service provider, if these services are of interest then contact us to discuss how Synergix Solutions can assist your business.