Auditing Services

  • Quality Management System Internal Audits
  • Certification Body – Surveillance Audits and Re-Certification Assessment
  • Certification Body – Non-Conformances
  • Second Party Audits (Customers)

Quality Management System Internal Audits

Internal audits are a mandatory requirement of ISO 9001 to keep your certification, and are fundamental to an ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS).

They provide assurance that your QMS is conforming, effectively implemented and maintained. Without them you might not know the full extent of your exposure to risks until it is too late!

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Certification Body – Surveillance Audits and Re-Certification Assessments

ISO 9001 certification includes the need for ongoing surveillance of your quality management system to ensure the organisation continues to comply with the standard. Your certification body will regularly carry out surveillance audits annually or biannually. In addition a re-certification assessment is normally conducted every three years.

Do you have concerns as to whether your organisation’s quality management system is ready for that pending surveillance audit or re-certification assessment by your certification body?

If the answer is yes, then Synergix Solutions can provide an independent assessment audit and advise on any necessary actions identified during the audit that need addressing as part of your preparations for a successful outcome of the pending audit or assessment.

We are also often requested to support our clients by attending certification body surveillance audits and certification re-assessments.

To date we have a 100% success rate in assisting clients with certification renewals.

Certification Body Audits –  Non-Conformances

Do you have concerns as to how to resolve and implement corrective actions following an ISO 9001 surveillance audit or re-certification assessment where non-conformances have been raised by the certification body?

Synergix Solutions provides assistance with determining solutions for the necessary improvement action and support through the implementation process.  Contact us for further details.

Second Party Audits (Customers)

It is not uncommon that your customers may require to undertake their own audit of your quality management system, this is often the case when it forms part of a contractual requirement.  Such audits may be undertaken directly by the customer’s own auditors or by an authorised specialist auditing agent through an industry accreditation scheme.

These audits are normally focussed on how your organisation meets its contractual commitments and may even  look at specific areas of your operational activities that will impact on the planned deliverables.

We are experienced in assisting clients as part of the audit preparations and often supporting our clients by attending their customer audits. Contact us for further details.


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