Quality Management Systems Training 

The ongoing development and training of your staff are fundamental for continued business success today.

Are you considering or just starting ISO 9001 implementation or newly appointed with management responsibilities for an ISO 9001 certificated quality management system?

We deliver quality management systems training to key personnel with quality related responsibilities and awareness training for staff. Training services: –

Induction Training
Quality Management System (QMS) awareness training for new staff.

This training session will be developed with you to meet your business QMS induction needs.

Internal Auditor Guidance (1 day)
Are you a newly trained auditor but lack any real practical auditing experience?
Perhaps you would like the benefit of some help to get you started.

We can assist new auditors by offering practical “on-the-job” guidance in:

  • Internal audits programme planning
  • Preparing for an internal audit
  • Assist during real audits of your own quality management system
  • Recording audit results, follow-up audits, verify actions and audit closure
  • Maintaining internal audit records

Quality Management Training (1-2 days)
This is aimed at individuals newly appointed with quality management system responsibilities.

A one-to-one onsite training session tailored to meet an individuals needs with the object of providing them with the knowledge needed to fulfil their role.

Pre-Assessment Training (1 day)
This is aimed at those individuals who have not previously been involved in an ISO 9001 certification assessment who have designated responsibilities to participate and to liaise with certification body assessors/ auditors throughout the assessment process.

A top level review of preparedness for an ISO 9001 accreditation body assessment including implementation planning, requirements for documented information, processes, records required as evidence of compliance to the standard.

The session also includes guidance on the assessment process and the responsibilities of the management team.

This is an onsite tailored one-to-one training session.

Post Certification System Maintenance Training (1 day)
For those with responsibilities for the management and maintenance of your organisations quality management system and need some guidance and assistance on whats involved in maintaining the system and ISO 9001 certification.

This is an onsite tailored one-to-one training session.

Pre-Surveillance and Re-Certification Training (1 day)
For those who have not previously been involved in an ISO 9001 surveillance audit or re-certification assessment by their accreditation body or feel they need some additional guidance in preparation for the surveillance audit or re-assessment.

This is an onsite tailored one-to-one training session.


Following your training we are here to provide you with on-going guidance and support.